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Importance of Good Typography

Typographic is a collection of written words or letters used by designers in their website, billboard, printed material visually, digitally and audibly. Narrow to the web design, there are different types of unique shaped letters and words with patterns used in the websites by designers according to the readability of the audiences and the fundamental principles of typographic. Let’s look at the importance of good typography in web design Malaysia:

1. Understand the content effortlessly

Most of the developers and designers want their audiences and users to read their content, so they have to keep the content easily understandable. In order of it, they use the typography that could catch the visitors attention and makes them read the content without any distractions, thus internalised the messages that they want to convey to the readers.

2. Not just convey the messages, but to make sure it goes to the long term memory of the readers

We want the visitor, readers, even the user of our website to remember the conveyed messages. The reason why the designers put efforts into the typography because unique typography enables the audience to remember the messages for a long time. Contrarily, the audience will only remember the experience of what they went through while on the website.

3. It sets the mood and emotion of the visitors

The owners of the websites want to reap maximum benefits from the visitors who visited their webpage. To achieve that, the designer needs to web creator set the right mood and emotion through the typography on the webpage and avoid the bad typography to prevent damages that probably caused by “bad typography design”.

4. Achieve the desired goal

A good website requires a unique design, with good typography because all these things will put together a website and leads to better conversions that are desired by many website owners.

Lastly, the duty of website owners and designers is to satisfy visitors by providing the best typography, which is the vital items in the web design and no one wants to suffer from the cramped website that has the small-sized text and congested words.…

Why UX prioritised designs matter

Why UX prioritised designs matter

The design of a website and the result of the process has a lot of factors that contribute the overall look of the final product and while the design would most likely be factoring in the theme and choices of the user themselves, the article will explain why designing a website with the User Experience in mind, a choice Web Design Malaysia industry leaders would emphasise on as well. The article will explain the reasons based on two factors, the users view the content presented on the website and the design elements that affect the experience.

  1. Content that will be displayed on the website is of course a necessity in the design of the site. By no means should user forgo the content as a secondary part of the process, as the placement of said content will influence the entire design itself. However, one must also understand the way users would look through the  content as more often than not, reading the content would be unlike as scanning might be the more common way the content is seen. Full bodied text can be replaced with summarised sentences or images such as infographics that allow a website to be scannable.
  2. This also factors into the readability of the website itself. Elements that are placed on to a website should not hinder the experience a user would have in their moment of viewing. Creativity and unique elements are a necessity should a curator wish to stand out from the crowd, but there should still some commonality for the sake of making sure the experience is still clear and simple for users to pick up and understand the design that curator presents.

To conclude, these factors are some of the reasons why the User Experience is essential for the design of the website.

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